Fashion Tips|These jewellery can make you fashionable all year

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Update time : 2021-03-16 10:21:49

CocoChanel once said: "Fashion is perishable, style lasts forever"

From this point of view, style is more fashionable than trend

Jewelry is a must-have for women's daily wear

It has always been the finishing touch in collocation

Today, Tutu will take you with the fashion editor of VOGUE

See which jewelry is a must-have fashion item for this autumn and winter


Choker collar

Supermodel Gigi Hadid

In the field of jewelry, Choker specifically refers to a short-length, neck-fitting collar necklace, which is located above the collarbone and fits the neck tightly like a collar.

The 1990s was the peak of its popularity. Matida in "This Killer Is Not So Cold" wears this iconic ribbon necklace, which has become a classic of the era.

Now, this kind of necklace with the colors of the 90s is making a comeback, sweeping the entire fashion circle, and even supermodel Gigi Hadid has been captured by it. Why don't you have any reason not to own it?


Disco Ball earrings

Sometimes, women are always attracted to appearances. In the 70s, fashionable and retro, it is really beautiful, but even at that time, you can't just rely on buying to buy to become a fashionable icon. A pair of seemingly inconspicuous earrings, but invisibly enhance your fashionable atmosphere, after all, less is more, you have to learn to subtract if you are exquisite.


TOTWOO smart jewelry

Ukrainian fashion blogger KRISTINA DOLINSKAYA

Jewelry is a very traditional and ancient industry in most people's consciousness. The emergence of smart jewelry has enriched everyone's imagination of jewelry in the past. TOTWOO not only has the inherent fashion and artistic temperament of jewelry, it also perfectly integrates with high-tech: by implanting a smart core, the jewelry has spirituality and magic from now on.

Actor Wang Ou

The TOTWOO blooming series is undoubtedly the most fashionable and versatile. It can be worn simply or stacked like Miss Wang Ou. Whether it is a necklace, a ring or a bracelet or watch, the way of stacking has become a daily routine for fashion icons to improve their matching ranks.

If you also want to have a star-like high street fashion style, the stacking of TOTWOO blooming series jewelry is the most worthy of your try!


Tiara crown

If the crown is exclusive to the royal family, then you are really out, because in the Dolce & Gabbana show, you played a lot of retro luxury style, and made the crown ornaments with gems, rhinestones, gold and silver and other materials. In between. In the Saint Laurent show in spring and summer of this year, the crown became the crowning hair accessory to enhance the style. So, if you want to win by surprise, you can pick one for yourself.


Nose Cuff Nose Ring

The nose ring originally came from India. In India, jewelry is an indispensable accessory for women. Usually they wear a lot of jewelry from head to toe, but their nose and earrings are quite special and often out of the ordinary. Married women have to pierce the nose and wear precious gold inlaid nose rings. Although many people think that wearing a nose ring is not foreign at all, and even a little scary, this kind of alternative beauty has been sought after by celebrities and fashionistas.


Tail ring

I don't know who gave the tail ring the singleness, independence, and the meaning of breaking up with forgetting the past. But in fact, it is a popular accessory that exudes its own unique light. It is unconventional, it is small and exquisite, and it conveys a sense of fashion silently.


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