How tired it is to be a beauty! She was carrying 11 pearl necklaces

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At 11 o'clock in the morning, Sister Ba went to meet her in Cher's hotel room. She was listening to the music and doing her makeup beautifully. Accompany her to choose bags, accompany her to lunch, accompany her out to shoot blockbuster movies, all day working with beautiful women is very happy!


Not only the appearance is sweet and pleasant, but a day of closeness with Cher, people can truly feel that the girl's personality can also be described as sweet and pleasant! Where she floated around, the air was full of youthful sweetness.

2020 is a lucky year for Cher. In March this year, "Youth Has You Second Season" was launched. Kong Xueer's strength and appearance are very brilliant. She has experienced the process of regaining her confidence on Jing's stage. She finally joined the women's singing group in 8th place. THE9.


Even though they have had a debut experience in a girl group, the attention gained from their new debut has refreshed the life of several girls in the past. The brand-new idol identity brings great freshness to all work schedules.


This pink suit Look from the Tory Burch 2020 vacation series is Cher’s look for participating in the Tory Burch event that night. Pink is especially suitable for her sweet temperament. After changing into the whole set of Look, Cher also excitedly shared with me the comfort and beauty of these shoes on her feet.


Before heading to the event venue, we accompanied Xueer to the lawn of a bungalow hotel in some years to shoot this blockbuster.


Although Shanghai in winter cannot beat the bitterness of the north, it also makes people shiver. The snow goose's beak says it's cold and cold, but when the photographer says it's not convenient to sit and take two photos, he squats numbly. Sitting on the ground beautiful business.


Xueer talked about the silly things when she first finished the photo work. At that time, she thought she had to writhe and writhe in an exaggerated pose like a supermodel. Later, she found her own style in the process of gradual adaptation. I am full of enthusiasm for work every time, so what is the matter of being cold!


When I took the freight elevator downstairs, she told me with a look of excitement that she had taken a beautiful blockbuster on the freight elevator before! "Can you believe it?"


We have all seen the cool girl photos you took in the freight elevator! Snow Goose is very serious and curious about every detail of work, it's the same as all young people who have just entered the workplace!


The Tory Burch Winter Wonderland opening party that night also invited the annual third runner-up Li Daben of "China New Rap 2020". After the encounter with Li Daben, Cher and Li Daben, who are working hard, were so happy to jump up!


When Li Daben performed "Running, Running", we caught Xue'er's star-chasing scene alive in the crowded party, and there was also a happy moment of selfie of Xue'er and her good sisters. In short, we saw Xue'er on the side. Having so much fun, I am also very pleased for her!


She returned to the hotel room after 10 o’clock, and Cher was still chatting with us about the joy of today’s work. Although it was a full day’s work arrangement, she met old friends, met new friends, and took beautiful photos. Even if I am tired, I feel very happy.


You can really feel in this energetic girl that the feeling of dreaming into reality is beyond imagination.

She started working as a trainee overseas at the age of 16. Kong Xueer continued to dance with her dream for 8 years. It was not until the stage of "Youth Have You" that she really tasted the happiness of being a singer and dancer.


Compared with countless trainees, she is lucky. Perhaps because she is beautiful enough and strong enough, or because she has persisted enough in these 8 years, in 2020, she ushered in the day when she was seen by the public, and she has countless stages that she once desired in the practice room. He also has the identity of an artist who is well known and loved by the public.


Eight years is of course a long time for a girl in her early 20s, but Kong Xueer did not have the anxiety that she had accumulated because of long-awaited, nor did she relax a little because of the present possession. Facing the stage and singing and dancing, she still likes it purely as she did at the beginning.


It was not necessary for her to go to the practice room to dance every day. She just wanted to dance because she liked it. Now even when work is very busy, I will find time to dance in the practice room. There is really no time, there is still a bathroom, which is also the dance practice room of Kong Xueer!


When is the happiest moment for Cher?

"In the bath"


Because after entering the bathroom, she will turn on the music and face the mirror for three minutes, dance and let herself release. This is the happiest time for Cher.


The self-cultivation as a beauty is the endless pursuit of beauty.

In the hotel room, I opened the cosmetic bag that Kong Xueer carried with him on a business trip for a day. Oh, it was the suitcase for the beauty products. I saw that the containers for the classified beauty products were big bags. I really couldn't believe it. This storage The grand occasion is really a bit unreasonable!


Although everyone in the group talks often mentions that Cher’s carry is very complete, but when Cher took out two very heavy pockets and a big box to share with me and told me that they were only cosmetic contact lenses and accessories, I Still shocked.


In addition to nearly 20 boxes of different styles of cosmetic lenses

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